Digital Trust Label: New Website and Registration open for interested organizations

Sarah Gädig • October 2021

The launch of the Digital Trust Label at the occasion of the World Economic Forum (WEF) on the 18th of January 2022

The official label launch will take place precisely two years after the project initiation at the WEF 2022. To celebrate this milestone, we are aiming to have at least two test partners certified who participated in the pre-audit phase.

Also, all key decisions around the label strategy and auditing approach, such as the label validity, pricing and governance have been officially finalized and approved by the SDI Board. We are now completing all open contracting work to start scheduling the first official audits with test partners who completed the pre-audits.

The label works in practice as confirmed by our test partners: Critical insights from the pre-audit phase

The pre-audit phase was conducted between July – October 2021 together with the auditor (SGS) and test partners to verify the usability of the label catalogue. This phase provided SDI with important insights on how the label criteria works in practice. The overall feedback of the auditing process from the participating test partners was positive and the label catalogue proved as a powerful tool to test the pertinacity of a digital service.

Ensuring independence from the auditor

To remain independent, SDI as the label owner will make the final decision for the label awards. This means that the auditor (SGS) will perform the audit and provide an official report including a recommendation whether to award the label or not. SDI will conduct a technical review of the report and make the final decision to grant the label.

Outlook – work until the WEF in 2022

Until the official launch, we are working on all operational aspects to make the label process as smooth as possible. As no one has developed such label before, we will continuously learn and make necessary adjustments as we follow our iterate development approach.

Also, we are dedicated to the communication and marketing around the label to convey the label message to both users and organizations.

A lot of things are happening right now – stay informed!

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