SDI at the Winter Congress of the Swiss «Digital Society»

Sarah Gädig • February 2021

Digitale Gesellschaft Winterkongress Logo 003

The Winter Congress is the annual gathering of the Swiss organization “Digital Society”: Hackers, programmers, activists and interested parties come together to exchange ideas on topics related to information technology, networking and its impact on our society. This year, SDI gave an update on its project, the development of a Digital Trust Label and called for active participation in the development process.

Let’s recap 2020:

Throughout the last year, the SDI has focused on establishing a solid foundation on what a Digital Trust Label could look like. Among others, a Label Expert Committee was formed to formulate recommendations on the Label content and framework. Also, core research studies were conducted that delivered valuable insights into the requirements a Digital Trust Label must fulfil.

Looking ahead

One thing is clear: A lot of work is ahead. The SDI is now moving into the hot phase of the digital trust label project where it comes to operationalizing and implementing the label. This is why the SDI has invited all participants to take a seat at the table by delivering constructive feedback throughout the second public consultation process.

As the SDI thoroughly believes that a diverse knowledge base delivers more sustainable and better answers, it is openly inviting participants to join the journey of the Digital Trust Label by finding solutions together.

Our Key Messages:

  • We want dialogue and a participatory and multistakeholder approach.
  • We would like to have feedback from the industry and community on the label to create a label that is as trustworthy and credible as possible.
  • We are convinced that we need to talk about digital ethics in Switzerland as well. The relevance of digital ethics will continue to grow in the coming years.

You can find the full slide deck here (in German).