Addressing the Digital Trust Crisis: New White Paper

June 2021

Addressing The Digital Trust Crisis New White Paper

During the 50th St. Gallen Symposium on “Trust Matters”, senior executives and a selected group of next generation leaders came together during a virtual roundtable to share their perspectives and discuss solutions to the most pressing digital trust challenges, led by IMD Professor of Digital Strategy and Cybersecurity Öykü Işık.

In order to address these issues of trust, the roundtable’s participants suggested a range of approaches and solutions across four building blocks: individual, technological, organisational and societal.

White Paper on “Strengthening Trust in Technology When It Matters the Most”

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To reap the potential for positive impact of emerging technologies, trust is fundamental – but has been challenged in recent years. The new White Paper developed by the St. Gallen Symposium and theInstitute for Management and Development (IMD) outlines actionable ways to overcome the looming crisis of digital trust, drawing on expert discussions at the 50th St. Gallen Symposium. SDI was part of this expert roundtable and shared their thoughts on the matter.

Some ideas:

1. Stronger level of cooperation and open dialogue between private and public sector actors

2. Greater education and powers to control the destiny of our information online

3. AI systems and machine intelligence should be designed with privacy, ethics and security as built-in, not bolt-on

Panel discussion on “Ethics and Fairness in the Age of Digital Transformation”

Who owns our data?

Why does Facebook know us better than our partner or closest friend?

What is the relationship between technology and human values? And what impact can new technologies have from a societal perspective – unintended and intended?

These questions were at the heart of the panel discussion with Doris Leuthard, SDI President and Anthony Lamy, Chief Revenue Officer at Wecan Group, on Ethics and Fairness in the Age of Digital Transformation at the 50th St. Gallen Symposium. The session was moderated by SDI Director Niniane Paeffgen.