Why Digital Ethics is becoming increasingly Important

February 2021

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Conversation between SDI President Doris Leuthard and Swico Director Judith Bellaiche (in German).

What does it mean for us humans and for society when reality becomes reproducible in a quality that makes differentiation almost impossible? What does it mean for our legal systems when machines autonomously make decisions that have a concrete impact on the reality of our lives? These and many other questions of digital ethics are answered by ten experts from various disciplines and research in guest contributions for the association Swico. The publication was kicked off by a conversation between Judith Bellaiche, Managing Director of Swico, and former Federal Councillor and SDI President Doris Leuthard.

There are three main messages we take away from the conversation:

1. For Doris Leuthard it is clear that fundamental basic and human rights are also applicable in cyberspace. According to her, Switzerland and more specifically, international Geneva can play a crucial role in moving forward internet governance, the development and application by Governments, the private sector and civil society.

2. Digitalisation is not just a technical issue – it affects all of us. Everyone needs to develop competencies and knowledge to make self-determined decisions. This starts already at a very young age.

3. With the development of a Digital Trust Label, the SDI Foundation wants to contribute to trustworthy digital services and less complexity for the user. Such a Label aims also to be an expression of a certain value basis.

The full conversation with Doris Leuthard (in German) and the publication can be found at: www.swico.ch/houseview