Work in progress - The Label Expert Committee (LEC) enhancing the Digital Trust Label

September 2022


On September 14th, the Label Expert Committee (LEC) held their first in-person meeting in Zurich after several online meetings. The purpose of the reunion was to discuss their progress on the further development of the Digital Trust Label criteria and the next steps to enhance the quality and coherence of the Label.

As digital technologies are evolving quickly and permeating more and more aspects of our everyday life, building trust in such a fast-changing digital world must be a continuous and collaborative effort. Therefore, the LEC was created with the purpose of constantly innovating the Digital Trust Label and ensuring that it is up to date and reflects the highest digital standards. In addition, the LEC also creates a space for the exchange of perspectives from multiple stakeholders.

Based on an Open Call, the Swiss Digital Initiative has selected the 2022 Label Expert Committee in late spring. This LEC consists of 14 members from the academia, economic, civil society, data and consumer protection, legal, human rights and digital ethics sectors to represent a diverse and inclusive expert view. Meet the experts part of the current Label Expert Committee. 

On September 14th, the current LEC met for the first time in-person to discuss the progress of their work to further innovate and enhance the Digital Trust Label criteria catalogue. Regarding the Digital Trust Label, the main challenges that are being addressed by the LEC are:

  • How the Digital Trust Label criteria can be applied to different use-cases and digital services models (B2B2C, B2C, use of artificial intelligence, etc)?
  • Rewording the criteria to make them more understandable for the users and consumers and precise for the auditing firm.
  • The possibility of developing new dimensions to address topics such as sustainability and human rights.
  • The data protection legal framework for international and multinational companies and organisations.

To complement the LEC’s work, SDI is also carrying out a public consultation with users and civil society organisations to collect further feedback on the Label criteria catalogue. The result of this will be shared with the LEC experts for their analysis and discussion. If you would like to be part of this process, click on the following link to answer the survey before September 30:

You can check the criteria catalogue here:

The result of the LEC’s discussion and work will be available in early 2023, after the suggestions and recommendations on the criteria catalogue are presented to the SDI’s Foundation Board. SDI will keep the public informed on the LEC’s work progress on the Label criteria.

To know more about the Digital Trust Label and the LEC’s work, visit our webpage: