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Digital Trust Label

Reinstating trust, simplicity, and transparency in technology! Co-created with renowned partners and with the user in mind, it’s the  first of its kind in the world. 

With a user-centric approach, the Digital Trust Label suits  B2C/B2B2C digital services, where sensitive data is shared and/or an automated decision is made.

Why the Digital Trust Label?

The Digital Trust Label communicates your clear commitment to Digital Trust and Corporate Digital Responsibility(CDR)! It is suitable for B2C/B2B2C  digital services. 

Trustworthy Service Provider

The Digital Trust Label (DTL)  signals your organisation’s understanding that Digital Trust must be earned and maintained

Proactive Solution for User Trust

The DTL puts the user at the centre, allowing for greater transparency and information to empower decision-making while improving digital  services. The DTL helps to answer questions regarding e.g. personal data storage and ethical usage of AI

Thought leadership

Signal the importance of user trust as technology, consumer expectations and business opportunities evolve by joining a leading network of Digital Trust Pioneers

Why does Digital Trust matter?

Digital Trust safeguards users’ interests in the digital world and can be achieved by adhering to various principles, such as transparency and data protection.

Users Care About Companies Digital Practices

46% will consider switching brands when a company‘s data practices are unclear 40% reported that they‘ve stopped buying from a company when it violated digital trust (McKinsey, May 2022)

Companies Can Do More

Organisations that are best positioned to build digital trust are also more likely than others to see annual growth rates of at least 10% on their top and bottom lines. (McKinsey, May 2022)

Trust Is Key To Building Digital Environments

Building digital trust into the world’s digital economy could unleash trillions of dollars of opportunities, according to WEF (WEF, August 2022)

Digital Trust Pioneers

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"As a digital-first insurance provider, we know that trust needs to be earned in the digital sphere. We are proud to be among the first to receive the Digital Trust Label. We will partner with the Swiss Digital Initiative to make digital trust not only a priority but a movement from Europe to the world"

Wefox Julian Teicke

Julian Teicke
CEO, Wefox

"Cisco Webex Suite was awarded the Digital Trust Label. With the assignment, we once again emphasize our commitment to building trustworthy solutions. We are not just building it - we are also proving it to customers following our trust pledge to be a trustworthy, transparent, and accountable hybrid work platform."


Christoph Koch
CTO, Cisco Switzerland

"At UNICEF, trust is of the utmost importance, meaning we always want to offer the best and safest possible donor experience. We are therefore thrilled to have been awarded the unique Digital Trust Label, as it is an important building block for data protection and optimal user guidance for our supporters."

UNICEF Marc Uricher

Marc Uricher
Director of Digital & Media, UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein

“No matter the size of the company, we all share a big responsibility when doing digital business. We value our clients, we respect their data and with the Digital Trust Label, we can bring their confidence to the next level.”


Andrea Canonica
CXO, Credit Exchange AG

“Safety and reliability are essential constituents of Trust. In a world of ever-increasing cyber-threats, relentless efforts to uphold the highest security standards is part of our DNA.”


Matthias Plattner
Head of e-Banking Services, Julius Baer

“At Kudelski, we have taken the decision to have our IoT solution be DTL compliant to be able to have the best possible use of data in order to provide new services, but at the same time to get some things that people can trust, not only now but for the coming decades.”


André Kudelski
CEO, Kudelski

“Over 2.3 million users from more than 40 media brands can rely on the fact that data transmission at OneLog is fully encrypted and secure and that their data is stored according to strict guidelines. The Digital Trust Label acknowledges and certifies our efforts in digital transparency and security.”


Silvano Oeschger
CEO, OneLog AG

“We became Digital Trust Label certified for two main reasons: 1) we wanted to reassure our clients and potential clients that we're a digitally responsible organisation, 2) we have been investing significant resources, and implementing robust technologies and processes, but we simply didn't have an easy way to demonstrate this.“


Paul Martin
Managing Director, Peopleweek S.A

“Digital solutions are complex. Sometimes we have to trust manufacturers and developers, and that's all there is. But we are not asking for blind trust…We are driving digitalization in Switzerland, and the Digital Trust Label gives just one argument more why you trust Swiss Post.”


Marcel Zumbuehl
CISO, Swiss Post

“Financial services require greater trust in digital services than ever before. We support and believe in the Digital Trust Label as a driver towards greater transparency and accountability”

Swiss RE

Moses Ojeisekhoba
CEO Global Clients & Solutions, Swiss Re

How to get the Digital Trust Label?

For inquiries about getting the Digital Trust Label, please contact:

BP Tomas

Tomas Chroust



Elca Partner

Sébastien Vaury

Associate Principal


Eviden Partner

Tom Mault

Head of Consultings & Advisory



Anouk Geene

Senior Associate


The Swiss Digital Initiative is in charge of managing the Label.  We are responsible for the expertise behind the Label and the final decision to award the Label after a third-party audit is performed by SGS. For general inquiries about the Label and Digital Trust questions, please contact us: