How to get the Digital Trust Label

Are you putting users at the centre and want to make a commitment towards Corporate Digital Responsibility(CDR)? Then the Digital Trust Label is for you.

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Contact these representatives for inquiries!

From Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Digital Transformation to Data Privacy and Cybersecurity, our partners for the Digital Trust Label are experts in topics closely connected to building digital trust. With these collaborations, SDI reinforces the focus on advancing Digital Trust expertise globally!

BearingPoint, ELCA Group, Eviden (an Atos business), and PwC Switzerland are our partners of the Digital Trust Label. 

BP Tomas

Tomas Chroust


Elca Partner

Sébastien Vaury

Associate Principal

Eviden Partner

Tom Mault

Head of Consultings & Advisory


Anouk Geene

Senior Associate


SGS has been selected through open procurement as an exclusive auditing partner to ensure high audit quality and consistency across markets. Audit costs are therefore fixed based on complexity and provided transparently upfront as part of the Label fee.

Label Cost

The total cost for the Label consists of the auditing and Label fee. Both fees depend on the complexity of the digital service to be audited. For more information regarding the Label cost, please refer to the Label fee.

The total label cost

It consists of:

  • Auditing fee, charged by SGS
  • Label fee, charged by SDI

Purpose of the label fee

The Label fee will be used to cover the cost of:

  • Label development
  • Label communication
  • Quality assurance
  • Administration and resources
  • Market research

Included in the Label fee

Organisations receive the following benefits over the course of the label validity period:

  • Communication about newly certified member
  • Visibility on the DTL website
  • Invitations to DTL events