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Digital Trust Resources

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With a variety of projects & tools, SDI prompts organisations to ensure a trustworthy digital environment for end-users. Also, we raise awareness among end-users about the pivotal role of Digital Trust in our digital age.

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Digital Trust Compass

The Digital Trust Compass is an online self-assessment tool to determine whether your organisation respects and protects the interests of its users and to assess the level of digital trust awareness among end-users. It serves as a compass, guiding you along your digital trust journey, providing the right direction. 

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Digital Trust Guide & Digital Trust Whitepaper

Based on the Digital Trust criteria, SDI has created a ‘user guide’ to Digital Trust. As an ABC for Digital Trust, this guide is designed to assist businesses or organisations that handle user data. Digital Trust Whitepaper establishes a framework of digital trust that safeguards the interests of users.

Digital Trust Guide Digital Trust Whitepaper

Overarching Activities


We are a member of the World Economic Forum’s Digital Trust Working Group to advance digital ethics & responsibility.

Earning Digital Trust: Decision-Making for Trustworthy Technologies Insight Report 2022

Measuring Digital Trust: Supporting Decision-Making for Trustworthy Technology White Paper 2023

Ecosystem Report

Overview of the Digital Trust Labelling Ecosystem: Report & interactive resource

The report maps relevant initiatives and compiles learnings on the challenges and success factors for a Digital Trust Label. Based on the report, the Digital Trust ecosystem needs more cooperation, and the Swiss Digital Initiative aims to bring the relevant actors together in Geneva.

Check out our regularly updated interactive list of Digital Trust Initiatives here.

Report: Labels and Certifications for the Digital World

Trendmap of the Digital Economy and Society developed by W.I.R.E

In a trend map created by the think tank W.I.R.E., strategic actions are outlined for promoting trust and responsibility. Over the next decade, we’ll see greater individual empowerment, improved convenience, new communities, and enhanced security. However, we must also address issues like data opacity, algorithmic bias, loss of control, and privacy erosion. SDI plans to pursue new projects and initiatives in response.


Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) Starter Kit

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Organisations must now prioritise Digital Responsibility! The Swiss Digital Initiative and IMD have developed a resource to help you understand Corporate Digital Responsibility. The CDR Starter Kit, based on insights from top organisations and ongoing IMD research, kick-starts your CDR journey and sustains your Digital Responsibility efforts.


Introduction of CDR Starter Kit

Even though organisations are interested in  Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR), sometimes they struggle to begin their CDR  journey. That’s why we’ve designed the CDR Starter Kit – a versatile resource for those looking to start or explore CDR, regardless of their resources or size.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI algorithms… Are those buzzwords for you? Its effect on our daily lives is not yet fully recognisable. However, you can be sure AI has found its way into your life, you just don’t know it yet.

For example, 

  • If you select a movie on Netflix, you can be certain that an AI algorithm influenced your choice.
  • If you  apply for a job via an online application form, you can be  certain that part of the selection is made by an AI algorithm.
  • If you request a new credit card, you can be certain your application is checked by an AI algorithm.
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Try AdFace now & see what an algorithm thinks about you!

Students from the Master Media Design program at HEAD – Genève, in partnership with the Swiss Digital Initiative, have crafted an interactive art project. It leverages art to shed light on ethical concerns tied to digital technologies. This initiative uses your webcam to create a profile based on your facial expressions and display targeted ads, prompting reflection on the digital services in our lives.


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