DTL Disclaimer

Clear differentiation on what the DTL is/does and what not.

What the DTL is/does

  • It certifies the trustworthiness of a digital service to the best of its ability according to a defined set of criteria assessed in a structured audit procedure
  • The target audience are B2C digital services users as the DTL is a label for the users (consumers), hence it is primarily targeting services with a high consumer interaction / impact; however, it does not exclude B2B services per se if the vast majority or even all the label catalogue criteria are applicable for the B2B service
  • Primarily focuses on digital services that are consumed online via website / app

What the DTL is not/does not

  • It does not guarantee 100% security. Things like cyber-attacks can still happen and may impact the certified service.
  • It does not give the trustworthiness for an entire organization but only a fraction in form of a digital service or potentially even only a subcomponent of the digital service should it be a very complex service which would be too complex to be audited in its entirety
  • The DTL does not take responsibility for any unethical action or misconduct that services providers are doing once they have been audited – the DTL cannot foresee the “future” / change the past and take liability of company misconduct
  • The DTL does not make a normative statement about the nature of a digital service, e.g., if it is beneficial for sustainability
  • Currently no focus on digital services related to physical objects (e.g., AI software of a car that is regulating autonomous driving or complex health equipment running on software) – this may change in the future
  • The label is not set in stone and doesn’t claim that the current criteria is “all it takes” to deliver on Digital Trust. The label is a first step in supporting “Digital Trust”.
  • There remains a risk, the Label cannot guarantee “blind trust” / replace trust or the risk-analysis of a user

Liability Disclaimer:
SDI as owner of the Digital Trust Label (DTL) does not in any way represent or warrant Digital Service Providers (DSP’s) compliance with the criteria applying to the DTL and cannot be held liable for any damages of whatever nature suffered by a user of a digital service certified by the DTL.