Annual Report 2022: SDI, contributing to a global movement for digital trust

Young Faul-Kim • May 2023

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SDI, contributing to a global movement for digital trust

The year 2022 marked numerous milestones for Swiss Digital Initiative and signified our projects into the global arena. In January, SDI successfully launched the world’s first Digital Trust Label, putting trust, simplicity and transparency into technology. Since then, six organisations have embarked on the digital trust journey with SDI and were awarded the Digital Trust Label.

Annual Report 2022 Highlights

Outlook 2023

  1. Digital Trust Movement

Our aim for 2023 is to pilot digital trust from Switzerland to the rest of the world by leveraging our expertise. SDI is very thrilled to go one step further for a more secure and sustainable digital future. The Digital Trust Movement is an awareness campaign, targeting organisations and end-users. It is  based on three pillars:

  • Expertise: SDI has developed a unique expertise in defining, measuring, and certifying digital trust and is building a network with partners in key hubs worldwide to strengthen this expertise.
  • Tools: SDI has launched the Digital Trust Label (2022), the first label that denotes the trustworthiness of a digital service, followed by the Digital Trust Compass (2023), a free tool online to show the path to digital trust and the best practices in corporate governance.
  • Outreach: The Digital Trust Movement promotes the importance of digital trust, and shares expertise and tools developed on social networks
  1. Solid Partnerships

Thanks to our great partners, SDI has been able to successfully achieve our goals and milestones so far. As we look towards 2023, we aim to cultivate even stronger partnerships, both domestically and internationally, to solidify further our mission to develop a robust digital trust ecosystem.

  1. Participating in global conferences, events

Our strategy to advance our objectives involves attending various global conferences and events at regional and international levels. This would enable us to display SDI’s  work and connect with other experts in the field. Furthermore, we intend to organise our own events in 2023, to share our knowledge and activities.

The full report is available here.