Credit Suisse awarded with the Digital Trust Label for its CSX onboarding journey

Niniane Paeffgen • April 2022

Credit Suisse Dtl Csx Onboarding

Launched in January 2022, the Digital Trust Label was now awarded to the CSX onboarding journey – a main element of Credit Suisse’s digital banking offering for Swiss-based clients. The Digital Trust Label indicates the trustworthiness of a digital service according to four dimensions in a clear, visual and non-technical language everyone can understand.

Geneva, 6 April 2022 – Digital responsibility is picking up steam. Protection and trust become a prerequisite in the digital space. The Swiss Digital Initiative has now awarded the Digital Trust Label to the CSX onboarding journey and welcomes Credit Suisse as the first organization from the banking industry to become a Digital Trust Pioneer.

Anke Bridge Haux, Head Personal & Business Banking at Credit Suisse, states: “The Digital Trust Label sets an important milestone for our CSX ecosystem. We specifically chose the onboarding process to work with the Digital Trust Label as this is the moment where trust is a key enabler for a successful onboarding. During the onboarding process, new clients are required to enter personal data and decide on the offering catalogue. Hence, the high security standard and the compliant and sensible data handling of Credit Suisse certified by an independent party is beneficial for all involved parties.”

The label provides transparency that the CSX onboarding journey conforms to the four dimensions data privacy, security, reliability, and fair user interaction. The catalogue, consisting of 35 criteria, was created in a multistakeholder-process over two years by a dedicated Label Expert Committee under the leadership of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and further developed based on feedback from several public consultations. The designed criteria serve as a basis for the independent auditing by SGS, a world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company headquartered in Geneva.

Together pushing towards digital responsibility

Adopting digital responsibility and embracing digital trust are among the new requirements for companies to stay competitive. The leaders of the future are organizations that live and breathe digital responsibility. They walk-the-talk by putting principles into practice.

With this award, Credit Suisse joins two other Swiss institutions Swiss Re and Swisscom as Digital Trust Pioneers. A dozen more organizations already started the audit process.

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About the Swiss Digital Initiative

The Swiss Digital Initiative (SDI) is an independent, non-profit foundation based in Geneva, founded in 2020 by digitalswitzerland and under the patronage of Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer. The SDI pursues concrete projects with the aim of securing ethical standards and promoting responsible conduct in the digital world. It brings together academia, government, civil society and business to find solutions to strengthen trust in digital technologies and in the actors involved in ongoing digital transformation.

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