Public Consultation Process on the Label Catalogue: Please send us your feedback, inputs, recommendations

Sarah Gädig • March 2021

We are conducting an open public consultation process on the latest version of the Label Catalogue. All constructive feedback, inputs and recommendations for improvement comments are welcome.

You can choose between two approaches to make your contribution.

  1. Join the “Lunch & Label” workshop on Tuesday, 30th of March between 12-2 PM CET. You can register here.
  2. Provide your feedback in form of comments in the label catalogue document (see info below). Based on the feedback we have received so far, we have decided to prolong the deadline from originally 26th of March to the 9th of April to allow more inputs.

Whichever approach you choose: We are planning to provide an update on the latest development of the label catalogue by mid of May. The aim of the news update is to inform you of the feedback we have embraced and which changes were made to the catalogue.

Should you prefer to make your contribution in the label catalogue document, kindly see the below process outline:

  1. Interested people who want to participate as a contributor send a request to and will receive the link to the document and additional information. Please use the e-mail headline “I want to be a contributor” when sending the request.
  2. The contributors comment on the catalogue (direct edits will not be possible)
  3. Simple and clearly to be accepted changes will be adapted directly (we are the gatekeepers)
  4. In case of conflicting comments / opinions, controversial discussions, we invite the community to a workshop, where these points will be discussed. If no agreement is reached, the questions go to the Label Expert Committee or the Foundation Board (e.g. for strategic questions).
  5. The final review will be done by the Label Expert Committee.