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Diana Kaliff - February 2023

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The Swiss Digital Initiative (SDI) is an independent, non-profit foundation based in Geneva, founded in 2020 by digitalswitzerland and under the patronage of Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer. The SDI pursues concrete projects with the aim of securing ethical standards and promoting responsible conduct in the digital world. It brings together academia, government, civil society and business to find solutions to strengthen trust in digital technologies and in the actors involved in ongoing digital transformation. In January 2022, SDI launched the world’s first Digital Trust Label.

For the Digital Trust Label, we are looking for:

Audit Services

2 years with possibility of 1 year extension

We are looking for an experienced and credible audit services partner to support scaling the successful Digital Trust Label globally. To maintain independence, the Swiss Digital Initiative (SDI) will operate as an independent scheme owner and will continue to take the final label award decision together with our Label Certification Committee. We are seeking a long-term audit services partner to work together with SDI, sales partners and clients globally to scale the first, practical tool implementing digital trust. This is a 2 years contract with possibility of 1 year extension and we are looking to procure one partner with exclusive auditing rights.

We specifically look for:

Auditing Services organization requirements:

  • Swiss presence.
  • Global presence.
  • Experience from auditing a vast variety of clients, from multinationals to smaller start-ups. IT audit experience is an asset.
  • Experience from auditing clients in sensitive sectors such as e.g. finance, healthcare and insurances.
  • Internal resources for contracting, offers and invoicing.
  • Internal auditors available (consultancy capacities has to be clearly stated as such).
  • Possibility to commit to the availability of the same auditors for the 2 year period.
  • Possibility to train auditors globally if needed.

Auditors requirements:

  • At least 3 years experience in ISO certifications, additional certifications, e.g. Common Criteria or ISACA seen as beneficial.
  • ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Certificate or similar certification.
  • Experience from working with clients in sectors such as e.g. finance, healthcare and insurances.
  • Excellency in online audit work.
  • German / French as native language, proficient in spoken and written English.
  • Europe based.
  • Ability to travel.

Most audits are done online but some in-person audits are to be expected depending on the client.

Responsibilities (auditors together with your organization’s internal functions)

  • Lead the entire audit process from start to finish according to an agreed timeline with client.
  • Perform the Digital Trust Label audit from start to finish (estimated time per audit is between 8-15 FTEs spread over 3-6 months (depending on the client preferences)) according to existing processes and documentations.
  • Evaluate the complexity of an audit (scoping) which becomes the basis for the offer.
  • Compile and send offers to clients based on scope.
  • Get client acceptance of the offer.
  • Send invoices directly to clients.
  • Complete audit reports based on existing templates.
  • Send audit report to SDI.
  • Provide feedback on criteria and client experiences to Swiss Digital Initiative.
  • Continuously develop and improve the label processes and experience.

Templates and processes for the Digital Trust Label audit are already in place and should be used by the auditing firm.

Resources to support the completion of the proposal:

Please note that audit payments are done directly by the client to your organization per audit and the scope may vary so it is important that the proposal takes this approach into account.

We kindly encourage you to direct  your interest in this Request for Proposal (RFP) via e-mail to Diana Kaliff, Digital Trust Label lead at SDI :

We will thereafter send a RFP template to be filled in as part of your proposal and access to a log-in page which summarizes all questions and answers related to this RFP. Please send all your questions to the same above email address. All questions and answers will be published on the log-in page.

Please send your proposal no later than 3rd March 2023. SDI will review proposals on an ongoing basis based on the completion of above criterias.

We offer you an exciting opportunity to work closely with the world’s first Digital Trust Label. You will be able to work with a credible foundation that has strong backing and expertise in the digital trust space.

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