Supporting the Digital Trust Ecosystem

Nicolas Zahn • May 2021

On May 19th, the Swiss Digital Initiative brought together like-minded organizations for the first time to discuss the state of the digital trust ecosystem and to brainstorm how to foster more collaboration on the work on certifications and labels.

A recent report by the Swiss Digital Initiative identified over 50 initiatives working around the globe on certifications and labels for digital trust. While the scope and approaches of the initiatives can vary considerably, the report highlights common learnings and challenges faced by such initiatives. Consequently, exchanging experiences among like-minded initiatives would be beneficial.

Taking stock of the ecosystem

In this spirit, the Swiss Digital Initiative organized a first informal discussion with the initiatives highlighted in the report on May 19th. The participants shared valuable insights and their contributions showed the dynamic and complex nature of the digital trust ecosystem.

Making sure that labels and certifications provide clear value to users and organizations is key and given the multitude of initiatives, there is also a need to talk about coordination. While there are initiatives clearly aimed at a national level, other initiatives have regional if not global ambitions.

Bringing initiatives together

Feedback from participants of the event highlighted the importance of shining a light on the digital trust ecosystem as our report did. Many initiatives were not aware of each other and consequently there is a danger of reinventing the wheel when coordination and collaboration would be mutually beneficial.

Consequently, in order to advance initiatives on digital trust, the Swiss Digital Initiative offers a space for continued exchange between like-minded initiatives. This idea was also supported by participants of our event.

In addition to future events and publications, the Swiss Digital Initiative has opened a digital channel to exchange learnings, raise questions and brainstorm ideas on how to achieve digital trust through labels and certifications.

Are you working on digital trust? We would love to have you onboard. Feel free to reach out for more information. We look forward to a vibrant community!